Endorsements for Jason Cox

I have known Mr. Jason Cox personally and professionally for the past thirteen years. I first met him in Penticton and subsequently during my dealings with organizing and setting up the Organized Sport Commission where Jason was recruited to be the first Chair of the board. While I am not generally in the habit of writing letters such as this, Jason Cox has repeatedly proven himself to be a person of great character, an outstanding and reliable community leader and facilitator during his time working with me and I will make an exception in his case.

Jason has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, energy and ambition. He is a definite leader and a loyal follower who displays an ability to inject his positive ideas into the operations plan to the overall benefit of those concerned. His personal determination to all his life goals are very motivational to others and he is second to none in individual drive which demonstrates his dedication and self-discipline to any mission he sets himself to. He is a spirited fighter of the people and their collective mission. Mr. Cox is an excellent team member, always eager to participate in the full support of the team’s given objectives. Whether participating in community events, boards or facilitating professional guidance, Jason never hesitates to provide sound advice and enthusiasm in his performance thus continually inspiring others to be equally enthusiastic and motivated. His ability to lead from the front is empowering to all those around him.

On a personal level, I found Jason Cox to be polite, diplomatic, respectful and with a great sense of humour. His dedication and loyalty to those he serves is outstanding and the standard for others to follow. He has proven himself to be a great leader within the community and whatever organization fortunate enough to employ him. Jason is singularly dedicated to Penticton and will fight with sincere passion to ensure his community remains agile, diverse and consequential.

As a designated leader and instructor within the Canadian Armed Forces for twelve years, as well as a Mental Toughness and Leadership Coach to corporate and athletic Canada; I have had the distinct pleasure of leading and teaching some of the world’s finest leaders. During this time, Jason Cox stands out as one of the best. The “impossible” is simply a challenge to Jason and I consider him to be a fine example of a pragmatic and practiced leader who is unyielding in his support to his community.

In closing, I endorse Mr. Jason Cox to run for the office of Mayor of Penticton. If you are looking for excellence and professional dedication, then look no further than him.

Sean Bacon
CEO & Founder
Dynamic Shift Consulting Inc.



This is a letter of endorsement to recognize and support Jason Cox in his bid as a Mayor Candidate for the City of Penticton.  

I have recently stated publicly that I would be willing to endorse any candidate that I have vetted and has an understanding of the social needs and current crisis facing our community.  I’ve grown tired of lackluster and feeble attempts at addressing these concerns. Over the past few years I have become frustrated with the lack of decisiveness and effectiveness in our civic leadership.  I have made no qualms and have pulled no punches in stating this. After several meetings with Jason I am confident that he possess the capacity to move our City forward.

There are few vanguards that have a working knowledge of both the business and social sectors. I believe these are the caliber of people we need in elected positions locally. Our City is populated with an eclectic range of citizens requiring diverse needs. Hence the necessity of leadership that can traverse this assortment of demands and create bridges of success rather than fissures of disparity. I am convinced Jason has this capacity.    

All too often I have attended community meetings that have yielded very little or seen action take place without community engagement. Penticton deserves better we require leadership, which understands the value of consultation before implementation.


I am confident lending my support towards Jason Cox and his pursuit of this endeavour.  

Matthew Baran




It is my great pleasure to endorse Mr. Jason Cox in his bid for the Mayoral race in the city of Penticton. I have known Mr. Cox professionally since he moved to Penticton in 2003 when we both worked for Valley First Credit Union. 

During my tenure as the President of the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Cox was my Past President on the Board. Then after my time in that position, Mr. Cox was once again elected President and I was his Past President. Working very closely together over that 2 year period, I came to know him as a consummate professional and a strategic thinker. Both qualities highly necessary in any political role. His vision for Penticton's future will serve its citizens well

Ernest Blumke



I am writing this letter in full endorsement of Jason Cox in his run for Mayor of Penticton.

I have worked with Jason in several different capacities over the past several years and find him to be dedicated, innovative and concerned about the well-being of our city. During the first half of this year he held several community meetings where he opened the conversation about housing, employment and other critical topics in our community.

As a business leader, Jason has been President of the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, and continues to serve as a Director. 

As a business owner, Jason has made a successful pitch to Dragon’s Den which to me, means he will be able to pitch our city to other levels of government. 

As a business owner myself, I look forward to working with Jason as he takes the helm.

Nicole Clarke
KISS Strategies for Business


I'd like to share my support of Jason Cox for Mayor of Penticton.

Jason has a wealth of experience, knowledge and most important the passion and patience to support success with this position. 

Commitment to personal growth and being comfortable with conflict are what I believe to be the most important qualities for those in public office.  In my opinion, Jasonhas both. 

Jason is a past president of the Penticton Chamber and prior to launching and growing the People's Soda Company he had a successful career as a commercial banker. Also involved with the brain injury society, Jason has a deep understanding of almost every corner of Penticton economy and community. 

Jason's quality of character will serve us all, particularly his eagerness and genuine interest in listening to what people want for Penticton.

A leader must be many things; most importantly creative, devoted and accountable - all qualities Jason will bring to our wonderful city while inspiring Penticton residents to be prideful. 

I look forward to the positive growth Penticton has coming.

Wendy Goudie
Get Bent Yoga Studio


Jason is an excellent pick - he’s fiscally responsible with the necessary business acumen - engages heavily in community, chamber of commerce, Brian injury society etc.. and he has a heart. Genuinely wants to work with community and social groups, listening to them for solutions on homelessness & addiction etc. Jason Cox has earned my support

Chris Struthers